Indexed I/O eDiscovery Load File Formats



Export 03

Indexed I/O has made some changes to its export load file formats!  We been busy incorporating your recommendations and feedback and have just released an update that gives you more export features.

*With the new load file export customization features you can export your data in multiple eDiscovery load file formats, in almost any/all of the industry standard formats.

To start we have added a Relativity load file export format.  This file format is reflects the specifications outlined by Kcura.  In addition to this new supported export format we have integrated a very user friendly Custom Load File option.  This option allows you to customize your data file including, field naming and mapping, delimiter settings, and a very robust date/time configuration!


This new feature release not only gives you the “IIO CSV”, “Relativity”, and “SEC” export/production formats by default, but also allows you to build and/or edit your own customized formats.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.06.13 PM



When you select the ‘create your own custom format’ link you are taken to a very intuitive file designer.  Here you can select a previous load file format as a ‘starter template’ and make it your own.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.06.23 PM


All aspects of the load file can be customized including:

  • Delimiter Character Codes
  • Date/Time Formats
  • File Paths
    • Prepend Path
    • Path Separate (Unix or Windows?)
  • Export Fields
    • Include/Exclude Header Row
    • Rename/Map
    • Reorder
    • Exclude/Include Field
  • Name Custom Format and Save for future use!

Export Complete

Just another reason Indexed I/O makes eDiscovery easy!