August 2017 Release


One-Click Foreign Language Translation, more predictable Daily Hosting Rates (no more monthly commitments and only pay for the time you need!), and awesome Easy Document Search Enhancements…just to name a few of the recent updates made to Indexed I/O!

New Feature List

The below is a high-level list of Indexed I/O’s newest capabilities. If you have any questions or want a full demo of these new features in action, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call 888-804-0709.


  • Translate over 100 foreign languages to English with just a click.
  • Daily Hosting model, allows more predictable billing, easier project management, and eliminates hosting minimums.
  • Complete project metrics for quick tracking and reference.
  • Email Collector now 1000 times faster!
  • Even more enhancements to our Advanced Search making it even easier to find your important documents.
  • Quick Bar search validation to ensure accuracy.
  • Expansion of Table View features.
  • Exception file handling workflows.
  • API Search notifications.

(Translation View)

Prior Releases: 

  • Dual Monitor document review support
  • Keyword Search Highlighting focuses users to key parts of their document for quicker and easier document review.
  • Document Review iPad app is free to all Indexed I/O users and lets you review, redact, and tag project documents.
  • One-click project status (Activate, Hibernate, Purge) gives you complete control over your project and data.
  • ‘Table View’ allows you to view records in a grid view with sorting, filtering, and other table customization options
  • Administrative control over project status, including the ability to ‘Purge’, ‘Hibernate’ or ‘Activate’ projects
  • Search options for user/reviewer notes
  • Additional fields available in export metadata load file wizard
  • Export container items via tag set
  • Track export owner/creator and other metrics
  • Export complete notifications
  • More options on load file customization wizard
  • “How To” video library
  • Speed and efficiency enhancements
Indexed I/O

(Project Metrics Interface)

About Indexed I/O

Indexed I/O Corp is a developer of high-speed, cost-effective data processing and analytic solutions. Its product is targeted to Corporate Counsel, Law Firms, and IT Departments requiring eDiscovery services for litigation. Indexed I/O’s eDiscovery solution includes data processing, data culling, document review and tagging, and exports/productions. Indexed I/O offers state of the art ‘more like this’ search capability as well as traditional search and language analytics. With an easy and intuitive interface, legal teams can quickly learn and utilize Indexed I/O in a matter of minutes. With no software or hardware to purchase, a ‘pay for what you need’ model, and no-long term restrictive contracts, Indexed I/O is by far the fastest, easiest to use, and cost effective eDiscovery solution.

Finally, the solution the eDiscovery world has been waiting for is here.

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The Indexed I/O Strategic Partner Program empowers eDiscovery experts like you to change how you prep for discovery, process your client data, and cull/analyze your documents during early assessment and review. Our technology targets information at its earliest stages of an engagement to fully process all items in real-time while enabling you to run searches, cull and filter via advanced analytics.  This includes easy-to-use interactive charts and graphs, as well as review for production downstream – at no additional cost!

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