Indexed I/O was founded on the basic principle there had to be a better way to design and offer an eDiscovery solution.

With current day technologies, we knew we could build a solution that would not only be scalable from a single file to petabytes (big data) size collections, but would also be fast and cost effective at the same time.

A major focus for Indexed I/O is to address four major pain points in the eDiscovery industry.

  • Accessibility
    • Indexed I/O is accessible anywhere our users have an internet connection.  Which means in today’s world is almost anywhere you have phone service!  It was paramount that our solution be available to our users without annoying or complicated sales processes and/or project set up meetings etc…  Our users can set up their account upload data into their project and be accessing their data within minutes.
  • Scalability
    • Today’s eDiscovery solutions have to scale.  They have to be able to not only ingest and process big data, but they need to be able to have search big data, organize big data, and give accurate and fast reports for big data collections.  The current industry focuses on gigabytes, Indexed I/O focuses on terabytes and petabytes!
  • Speed
    • Indexed I/O can process your single file or with a few clicks of the mouse, we can distribute our processing across your entire big data collection.  We currently are seeing processing speeds capable of completely processing a terabyte (TB) of data in an hour or less!  The best part is that our search engine is fully capable of running hundreds of search terms across that processed data and giving our users accurate and fast metrics and reports on their data!  Our processing method also allows you to access all processed data instantly, in real-time.  This means you don’t have to wait for the entire data collection to be processed before you start analyzing and searching it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to start running searches on the data immediately   Of course it would, that is why we built our system the way we did.  The moment a file is processed it is fully available.  Now you can ‘test’ run your search terms or other analytical methods and have truly experience early case assessment at its best.
  • and the best for last COST!

    • We wouldn’t really have solved much or helped our users out if we didn’t address the costs of eDiscovery.  We’ve taken a whole new approach.  We let you, the user, determine your priority.  Do you want to prioritize cost?  No problem, use our exclusive “I/O Accelerator”, slide the control bar and instantly lower your processing cost.  If you need to prioritize speed of processing so as to access your data as fast as possible.  No, problem, simply slide the “I/O Accelerator” and instantly increase your processing power and in turn process your eDiscovery data faster than any other solution on the market…up to a terabyte per hour!