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Free processing and the only Autoscaling solution in the industry!  I hope you brought your wood screws…

Because we’re going to blow your doors off!

We’re not hindered on the reliance of existing hardware, it can scale instantly to accommodate any size or volume of data.  Literally hundreds of processing instances can be spawned in the cloud to distribute and process the user’s data.

Ok yeah, it can’t be THAT fast..

We’re talking speeds upwards of multiple terabytes per hour.

An interface that gets out of your way.

HTML5. Tablet and Mobile friendly. User experience is paramount.

Our interface is straight forward.  From our simple drag-and-drop file importer to our straight forward navigation.  We make it super easy to load, process, and analyze your data.


Bleeding edge technology

Allows Indexed I/O to behave more like a desktop application, than a web app.

With real-time feedback and metrics so you have every detail about your data, instantly![/one_half]







We don’t just autoscale your processing to give you the fastest processing speeds possible.  Our entire solution scales, so how big do you want to go?

We know large scale distributed systems.

Our data storage solution is highly scalable, reliable, and fast.  Users can store and process data collections that are just a few megabytes to petabytes. You don’t want to buy thousands of servers to handle your big discovery project. You also don’t want to learn how to scale out massive parallel processing jobs. Let us handle it.[/one_half_last]


The best pricing available, hands down.

We typically save our users 80% to 90% in processing costs![/one_half]


We are the ONLY solution that Autoscales our processing based on your data collection size and needs.

We scale up for larger data collections, automatically.

You will never have to worry about having enough processing power when you use Indexed I/O.  Our automated eDiscovery process scaling solution will instantly add more processing power to your data collection to make sure it is processed as fast as possible.  This means you can focus on the more relevant needs of your case…instead of worrying about how fast or when you will get access to your data![/one_half]

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Did I mention our eDiscovery process is FREE?

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