Indexed I/O has the most comprehensive eDiscovery technologies at the most affordable prices. Our pricing includes full function of the Indexed I/O eDiscovery platform which includes FREE unlimited users. Indexed I/O charges for the following services and technologies:



(30 days free hosting)

We structure our processing and hosting prices on the ‘Post’ gigabyte file sizes (the total file size of the data after it has been extracted and processed). Meaning if you upload a 1 GB zip, and 2 GB of data is extracted, you are only invoiced on the 2GB. 🙂

Data Hosting

$0.85/gb per day

(applied to post processed size only)

Indexed I/O is the only eDiscovery solution that provides a Daily Hosting model.  This allows more predictable billing, easier project management, and eliminates ‘minimum’ hosting charges.

Data Hosting (Hibernation/Archive)

$0.34/gb per day

Allows you to keep your project and data ‘near line’ without incurring active hosting costs.  Your case suddenly becomes active again?  No worries, in minutes your project is reactivated and available for use.


Image = $0.02/page

Native = $2.00/gb

A per-page price is applied to all image (TIF or PDF, Color or B/W) exports.  Exports options include Native, Image, Combo Native/Image, and include all associated extracted or OCR text files.  In addition, you can include multiple load files, either from our default formats or your own customized format(s).

Foreign Language Translation


Instantly translate foreign language documents to English (or language of your choice) for easy review and search.

Data Enrichment

$0.25 per submission

Charges only incur if results are returned.  If your submission does not return results, zero cost!

Project Management/Technical Time


Did we mention?

Free Unlimited Users

Free iPad Review App (download)

Contact us today with any questions you may have in regards to your project and pricing.








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