eDiscovery Processing

FREE eDiscovery Processing


  • Extract Text
  • Extract Metadata
  • Real-time OCR Processing of Image Files
  • Real-time Virus Scan and Tagging
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Decompress Archives
  • Extract Attachments
  • File Deduplication
  • Hash Code Generation
  • System File Identification
  • All Files Stored Encrypted

Full Use of Indexed I/O Solution just $25/gb per month!


  • Unlimited Users
  • Amazing Search and Organization Tools
  • Review and Tagging Interface
  • Document Redaction Tools
  • Data Reports
  • Data Visualizations, Charts, and Graphs
  • FREE Native Exports to all industry formats
  • Full Customizable Export Options

Image Export Options

  • Image Export
  • Image Endorsement
  • PDF Export Options
  • ALL Industry Export Formats

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We’ve raised the ‘standard’.

There isn’t another eDiscovery processing solution on the market that has more standard features than Indexed I/O.

Our users get full access to every feature and function of our tool.  Other solutions require you to purchase ‘add-ons’ or ‘modules’ to expand functionality, not at Indexed I/O.

From real-time features like OCR and Virus Scanning to robust search and analytics, you get it all at an amazing ‘kick the industry in the gut’ price.

We listen.

We value your feedback and know how important it is to listen.  So we have included an easy to use ‘suggestion’ interface to all our users.  Users can submit their ideas and feature requests straight from the application.  We also let users see other feature requests and vote for those they would like to see prioritized and implemented!

Finally eDiscovery processing that makes sense!