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5 Apps to Help Make your Life as a Lawyer Easier

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As a lawyer, you know that your days can get complicated fast. Indexed I/O wants to help! Below is a list of 5 apps that will help smooth out your stressful days with just a few simple clicks. Did I mention that they are also all extremely affordable? 

Wunderlist: There are numerous apps you can use to manage tasks, but Wunderlist is one of the best options for smartphones. It’s easy to use and learn, while still being extremely powerful. You can group your tasks into folders, assign tasks to other people, set automated reminders, take notes/add comments, etc. Additionally, you can forward your emails to Wunderlist and have them automatically converted into tasks.

Dashlane: One of the best ways to ensure your data is secure is by using strong passwords. Dashlane can help by giving you a place to safely store your passwords for all your different accounts in one location. It also can assist you in generating strong passwords, just in case you need some help. Dashlane acts as a digital lockbox where you can securely keep other important data, such as credit card numbers. The app features TouchID for authentication, so only you have access to your account.

Evernote: As one of the best note-taking softwares on the market, Evernote gives you the ability to write down information from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and syncs all your notes to the cloud, giving you access to them from any device. You can also attach files and audio recordings to your notes. Bonus: You can even handwrite your notes using a stylus, and Evernote will scan your handwriting and make your notes searchable automatically.

Dropbox: Dropbox has over 500 million registered users and is one of the leading cloud-based file storage providers in the world. It is an all-in-one way to manage your documents, from any device, by automatically syncing files you put into a local Dropbox folder (on your computer or smartphone) to the cloud. The Dropbox app enables attorneys to manage, view, and share files from wherever they are, even if the files were initially created and saved on their local computer.

Calendly: Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. The app can connect with up to six of your calendars to automatically check availability while helping you connect with your best contacts, prospects, and clients. Calendly also allows for you to hold all types of meetings, including: one-on-one, round robin, collective, and group meetings. Whether you need to schedule in the office or on the go, the full experience is available on any device for you and your invitee(s). 

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Indexed I/O is the future of eDiscovery.

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Jessica Megna