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Easy eDiscovery...Yes, it does exist!

While at a conference last week, I realized that a lot of solo and small law firms do not know much, if anything, about available eDiscovery solutions! We were met with comments like, ‘This is possible?!’, ‘There is no way this can be done!’, ‘Wow, this would save me so much time…’, ‘It is that easy?!’, etc. My job as a marketer is to get the Indexed I/O name out there, but I’d also like to spread the word on eDiscovery, in general.

So, what exactly is eDiscovery? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the legal definition of eDiscovery is the ‘discovery of records and documents kept in electronic form’. These electronic documents can be emails, texts, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, mp3s, video files, cad drawings, etc.

This is where people think it gets complicated, but with solutions like Indexed I/O, it really is not! The beauty of eDiscovery, at least while using Indexed I/O, is that users can literally drag and drop whatever electronic documents they have and immediately upload them to the system. Within seconds, their data is uploaded to a secure server and is ready for review—it is that simple. In fact, it’s so simple and easy many Indexed I/O users never even speak to us before using the platform…it is that intuitive.

While Indexed I/O does not discriminate, we do see the need to help an underserved segment of the legal community: small-to-mid sized law firms. Our suspicions on this were confirmed at the solo/small firm conference we sponsored and attended last week; a lot of attorneys simply do not know eDiscovery solutions exist and are available to firms their size. Those that were aware of solutions had the impression they were far too complicated and/or expensive to really be viable for their ‘everyday cases’. It was great to show them Indexed I/O and how they can instantly utilize the tools and features with their electronic discovery data. (We literally had attorneys sign up, process case data, and start reviewing...with in minutes....right at our booth!)

Indexed I/O is a perfect fit for firms that are small-to-medium in size. Here is why:

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1.   No required hardware or software to purchase.

2.   Zero licensing fees. You only pay for what you use

3.   FAST. With tight turnaround times, ‘Speed to start’ is important

4.   Free Trial. Ability to upload actual data and test out the product at NO charge

5.   No training necessary. No IT department? Not IT savvy? No problem! Indexed I/O provides a solution allowing for its clients to focus on their data, not learning a new technology.  (If training is needed, no worries, we always offer free training to our users.)

6.   Partnership. Smaller firms have more limited resources and cannot bring eDiscovery in-house—Indexed I/O will partner with you when you need it.

So reach out to us to talk more about eDiscovery and how we can help you save time, money, and your sanity! To learn more, contact Indexed I/O at 1.888.840.0709 or visit our website.

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Indexed I/O is the future of eDiscovery.

Jessica Megna