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Easy Document Redaction Tools at Indexed I/O

As a pioneer in on-demand eDiscovery, Indexed I/O is singularly focused on bringing users advanced technologies to improve the way their eDiscovery is managed. A true do-it-yourself eDiscovery platform, Indexed I/O has users up-and-running in a matter of minutes.

An intuitive, yet very useful, aspect of the Indexed I/O platform is our redaction tool set. Users can easily select privileged and/or confidential information and redact it from their documents.


(Simply click and drag a box around the content you want to redact.)

Within the user interface, all redactions are semi-transparent which allows for an easy review of the item without toggling or removing the redaction.


Combining Indexed I/O’s ‘personal information’ detection with our document redaction tools, users can efficiently, and consistently handle privileged information.


(Indexed I/O automatically identifies “Potential Personal Information”, including Social Security and Credit Card numbers, tagging those items for easy identification and handling.)

Redactions are OCR’d and saved in real-time, making them immediately available for export or printing.


NOTE: When an item is redacted it is immediately OCR’d.  In addition to the original text, a new associated text file is created and utilized upon all export events.  This ensures no redacted content is ever produced or exported from the system.

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Indexed I/O is the future of eDiscovery.

Want to learn more about how Indexed I/O can help you and your firm? Their experts can walk you through a demo and even give you a free trial! To learn more, contact Indexed I/O at 1.888.840.0709 or visit their website

Jessica Megna