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Indexed I/O releases new eDiscovery Dropbox connector.

No one will be surprised to read cloud-based data storage solutions are being heavily adopted.  The Gartner Group reports a 40-60 percent annual growth in demand for cloud storage capacity.  As well, research released by WinMagic shows 41% of respondents (1000 office workers at companies of 50 or more employees surveyed) use cloud storage ‘use cloud services at least once a week”.

The adoption of cloud storage isn’t just being adopted, it is starting to become the standard.

“Indexed I/O knows the challenges the eDiscovery industry faces with such diverse data storage solutions.  In response, we’ve added the ability to collect, process, and review data from one of the largest consumer cloud data storage solutions on the market, Dropbox.” said Brian McHughs, CEO of Indexed I/O.  “Bringing these technologies and resources to our users in an easy and cost effective manner is major component of our company vision.” he continued.


Indexed I/O users can authenticate connect to a Dropbox account and immediately collect and process selected data.


The new Dropbox collection and processing feature expands the already robust Indexed I/O solution.  Released earlier this year was ability to collect email data via their IMAP connector.  Letting users collect email data from Outlook Server, Google, Apple, Yahoo, AOL, and any email server that supports IMAP connectivity.

Eric Fowler, CTO of Indexed I/O comments, “There is a rapidly growing culture of ‘New Law’ in our industry.  Legal teams and attorneys are more technical than ever and are demanding solutions that can be utilized for all of their matters, not just the big cases.  Costs should never dictate if you can or can’t use technology.  That’s the problem Indexed I/O is solving.  We’re bringing justice to everyone no matter their budget.” 

Interesting Dropbox Stats :

  • 400 million Dropbox users (as of 6/24/15)

  • 1.2 billion files uploaded to Dropbox (as of 6/24/15)

  • 100,000 new shared folders created each hour in Dropbox (as of 6/24/15)

  • 35 billion Microsoft Office files stored in Dropbox (as of 6/24/15)

  • 150,000 companies use Dropbox (as of 11/4/15)

  • 19 languages supported by Dropbox (as of 5/9/15) (Indexed I/O supports foreign language documents)

  • 200 countries have Dropbox users (as of 5/9/15)

  • 97% of Fortune 500 companies use Dropbox (as of 5/9/15)

Indexed I/O’s Dropbox collection feature ensures you have access to all aspects of your case data, letting you quickly and easily handle file types that, until now, were difficult and expensive to make part of your e-Discovery workflow.

Please visit to learn more about Indexed I/O’s Audio to Searchable Text features as well as all of the extensive e-Discovery technologies available.

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Austin Smith-Bartlett