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Litigation costs have always been at the top of the list for legal issues.  With the industry estimated to be roughly 5.5 billion dollars in size no wonder!  From the beginning only the larger firms and institution could realistically afford or justify the expenses of traditional litigation support services.  Data collection, document imaging, electronic discovery, specialized databases and review platforms are simply too cost prohibitive for the average legal department or law firm.  Smaller budget cases had to suffer with alternative discovery solutions and were not able to utilize the tools and services in the market.  They simply couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on a case that only had a liability of a few thousand dollars…or less!

Indexed I/O is changing the whole game!

We offer a solution that is easy to use, scalable (one file to petabytes of data), and is the most cost effective solution on the market.  Our goal is to bring robust, defensible, affordable eDiscovery to literally EVERYONE in the legal industry.  From the solo practitioner to the largest internal firms, our eDiscovery processing and analytics solution is a perfect fit.


Indexed I/O is available to everyone with an internet connection and doesn’t require special hardware or installation of software.  Users can literally set up an account and being processing their electronic discovery data in minutes.

Starting at just $15/gigabyte, it is the most affordable solution period.  Finally a case that has only a few gigabytes of electronic data has a solution that doesn’t break the budget.

We get asked all the time ‘How do you have such low processing prices?’.  The simple truth is that we built our solution from the ground floor up with the most advanced technologies and specifically designed it to maximize resources while eliminating inefficiencies.  We pass this on to our users and everyone wins.  It has been priority number one to make our product and services the most cost effective in the industry, period.

However, our product just as easily fits into larger cases.  We can use a simple example of a terabyte of data (1000 gigabytes) to prove our point.  Traditionally you spend $150 to $300 per gigabyte for electronic discovery processing.  This would breakdown to an estimated $150,000 to $300,000 for traditional eDiscovery processing!  Are you kidding me!  However, if you utilized Indexed I/O, we can reduce your costs to $15,000.  That’s right…you can save $145,000 to $285,000!

Oh yeah, as far as functionality…we have it all.  We are one of the most feature rich electronic discovery processing and analytics solutions available…and can process data at rates of a terabyte (TB) per hour!.  Check out all the features we offer standard in our processing.

So I ask you, isn’t Indexed I/O worth a try on your next electronic discovery processing project?  How can you not afford to give it a try? If you would like to have a demonstration of Indexed I/O please feel free to reach out to us at 888-840-0709 or email us at

Austin Smith-Bartlett