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Indexed I/O Accepts Bitcoin


Founded in 2012, Indexed I/O has continuously developed and provided cutting edge eDiscovery technologies to the legal world.  It is the first truly purpose built, end to end, fully automated, eDiscovery SaaS platform in the industry..and others are scrambling to catch up.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency referred to as cryptocurrency.  Bitcoins are not printed, like dollars or euros, they are created by people who ‘mine’ them by solving mathematical problems.  It utilizes ‘Blockchain’ technology and allows digital information to be shared, but not copied.  By keeping identical blocks of information stored across its network bitcoin can not be controlled or manipulated by a single entity and eliminates the risk of a single point of failure.

More information about bitcoin can be found here.

More information about blockchain can be found here.


Why are we accepting Bitcoin?

Lower transaction costs.  Compared with other clearinghouses like credit card companies or traditional financial institutions, bitcoin has a lower transaction cost (averaging 1% rather than the other’s 2-4%).  As well we can avoid expensive flat fees imposed on a transaction basis and ultimately bring those savings back to our users.

Less risky than current currencies.  Bitcoin is not tied to any country or government thus, theoretically, is more stable and suffers from less political risk.  It also has built in inflation protection!

The crypto currency protocol itself.  Blockchain technology is an incorruptible digital ledger and will be…trust me on this, the future of how data will be shared. 

Same ideology as Indexed I/O.  Bitcoin and Indexed I/O share common motivations in that we both are pushing the edges in our industry.  Bitcoin is  decentralized and transfers control from traditional institutions (banks) to the owner.  Indexed I/O does the same thing for the e-discovery industry and your data, giving you complete control.

It’s just cool.  Let’s face it, bitcoin is a hot topic right now.  MicroSoft, Virgin Galactic, and Tesla accept it as do many law firms.  Every company could actually have their own user loyalty currency or ‘coin’ someday, built from the same cryptocurrency technologies as bitcoin.  You could be buying Starbucks…with an actual Star Buck!  It’s exciting to be apart of something new, but when it also solves very real problems, it’s even better.  (Just like Indexed I/O!)

If you would like to utilize bitcoin on your next project, give us a call at 888-840-0709 or visit our website at

What next?

Contact us for a 10 minute demonstration of Indexed I/O.  If after the seeing it in action you aren’t convinced it is a fit for you then we all move on.  Come on, isn’t it worth 10 minutes to find out if you could be saving time, money, and eliminate your eDiscovery stress?

Indexed I/O

We empower you to change how you prepare for discovery, process your client data, and cull/analyze your documents during early assessment and review. Our technology targets information at its earliest stages of an engagement to fully process all items in real-time while enabling you to run searches, cull and filter via our advanced analytics.  This includes easy-to-use interactive charts and graphs, as well as review for production downstream.

About Indexed I/O

Indexed I/O Corp is a developer of high-speed, cost-effective data processing and analytic solutions. Its product is targeted to Corporate Counsel, Law Firms, and IT Departments requiring eDiscovery services for litigation. Founded in 2012, Indexed I/O’s eDiscovery solution includes data processing, data culling, document review and tagging, and exports/productions. Indexed I/O offers state of the art ‘more like this’ search capability as well as traditional search and language analytics. With an easy and intuitive interface, legal teams can quickly learn and utilize Indexed I/O in a matter of minutes. With no software or hardware to purchase, a ‘pay for what you need’ model, and no-long term restrictive contracts, Indexed I/O is by far the fastest, easiest to use, and cost effective eDiscovery solution.

Finally, the solution the eDiscovery world has been waiting for is here.

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Want to see our eDiscovery solution in action? Our experts can walk you through a demo and even give you a free 30 day trial. 

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