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Indexed I/O Releases ‘Telepathy Search’


‘Telepathy Search’ Allows Users Access to Documents Created In The Future!

Indexed I/O is excited to announce its release of Telepathy Search.  The only search engine in the world that allows you to search documents that haven’t even been created yet!  With Telepathy Search users can comb through petabytes of potential data.  Giving you the most insight into your case possible.

Will Chuck in accounting make that critical rounding mistake that changes the course of your case?…of course he will, and we sort of prove it! 

“This is really a bold strategy” says Indexed I/O CEO, Brian McHughs

Telepathy is easy to use.  The end user simple has the TS 9000 microchip implanted into their retina.  Via bluetooth technology, data received to the chip is processed with the user’s own imagination, creating any documents needed, from the future!.  Because the implanted chip is sync’d with the user and Indexed I/O interface, these documents are available in real-time, making the Telepathy Search solution the fastest know future document indexing engine on the planet.

How it works.

Data is received through the retina to a special implanted microchip.  This chip collects the data and combines it with your own imagined version of the document you wish to find.  Via bluetooth connectivity, the chip communicates the newly created document to the Indexed I/O platform.  All this in real-time!

The implant process is very simple and preformed by a very well known medicine man in the eastern deserts of the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.  Alternatively a ‘do it your self’ kit can be sent to the end user with clear image based instructions for the implant process.  (Call to make an appointment!)

Try Indexed I/O’s Telepathy Search today! (Results will vary depending on users natural telepathy powers until chip implant.)

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Utilize the Username: April Fools

Password: GOTCHA!


Indexed I/O hopes all of you have a great, happy, and safe April Fool’s Day.

Austin Smith-Bartlett