eDiscovery REST API

Now you have on-demand access to the world’s most powerful eDiscovery technologies.

Let me introduce the Indexed I/O REST API!

Indexed I/O offers full access to its own robust and cost effective eDiscovery solution via REST API integration.  Developers can quickly integrate powerful processing, analytic, search, export and production technologies into their own or third party eDiscovery solutions.

Every feature offered by Indexed I/O can be accessed from a single API endpoint and can be utilized individually, to solve a specific eDiscovery processing need (like OCR, Document Conversion, etc…) or combined for a complete and scalable eDiscovery solution.



The Indexed I/O REST API allows you to integrate with the programming language you know already, saving you time and money.  There is never a need to learn a different coding language.

Indexed I/O API Documentation


You can use any or all of the Indexed I/O API end points.

If you need more assistance, information, or a full list of our available eDiscovery technologies, please contact us!