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With Indexed I/O, obtaining a scalable, cost effective eDiscovery solution has never been easier. We offer a ‘pay for what you need’ pricing model with no long-term restrictive contacts. Additionally, there is no software or hardware to purchase.

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From a single file to petabytes of data, Indexed I/O has your eDiscovery processing needs covered.  Simply upload your data, click a few settings, and instantly have access to the industry’s most powerful eDiscovery processing solution.


No one can beat Indexed I/O’s search speed. In most cases, it takes milliseconds to deliver search results on multi-TB datasets (many millions of items). This translates to near-instant access to important and critical information at speeds you have to see to believe.


Interactive charts, graphs, and reporting allows you to quickly analyze and filter your data.  Visually digest your data by file extensions, data type,  processing metrics (exceptions, duplicates, system files) and even document timeline and social communication graphs.


The Indexed I/O review interface is streamlined to provide an easy to use, secure, and effective document review solution.  Our simple and straightforward design allows you to focus on your review, not learning a new technology.  Indexed I/O always provides unlimited users, at no additional cost. Includes instant foreign language translation features.

 New Indexed I/O iPad Document Review app available.


Indexed I/O can produce and export data in a variety of ways. We have preset formats that let you export your data into your favorite in-house eDiscovery software or utilize our export customization features to format it exactly as needed. Easily export your data with just a few clicks into Native, PDF, or Image formats.


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  • August 2017 Release

    August 2017 Release

    INDEXED I/O NEW SUPER FEATURE RELEASEOne-Click Foreign Language Translation, more predictable Daily Hosting Rates (no more monthly commitments and only pay for the time you need!), and awesome Easy Document Search Enhancements…just to name a few of the recent updates made to Indexed I/O!New Feature ListThe below is a high-level list of Indexed I/O’s newest capabilities. If you have any questions […]

  • Colorado Bar Association Partners with Indexed I/O

    Colorado Bar Association Partners with Indexed I/O

    CBA Members Gain Instant Access to Leading eDiscovery TechnologiesThe Colorado Bar Association (COBAR) has partnered with Indexed I/O to offer its members discounted, fast, easy to use, and on-demand eDiscovery technology. Members have immediate access here: https://cobar.indexed.io.“The partnership between the Colorado Bar Association and Indexed I/O was driven by the need to bring accessible, easy, […]

  • eDiscovery Dropbox Collector

    eDiscovery Dropbox Collector

    Indexed I/O releases new eDiscovery Dropbox connector.No one will be surprised to read cloud-based data storage solutions are being heavily adopted.  The Gartner Group reports a 40-60 percent annual growth in demand for cloud storage capacity.  As well, research released by WinMagic shows 41% of respondents (1000 office workers at companies of 50 or more employees surveyed) […]

  • Audio to Searchable Text

    Audio to Searchable Text

    Indexed I/O doesn’t slow down with new e-Discovery features as they release Audio to Searchable Text functionality.When data is processed in Indexed I/O audio files are detected and transcribed into searchable text allowing users to include them in their search results.  Combine this feature with Indexed I/O’s built in audio player and users now have the […]

  • E-Discovery Email Collector

    E-Discovery Email Collector

    Indexed I/O continues to roll out industry changing solutions with new e-Discovery Email Collector. Letting users connect to any email service and instantly gain insight into their data.Have email data that needs to be collected, processed, and/or reviewed? With a few clicks users can connect to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, AOL, iCloud, and more, AT NO […]

  • 60 Days of Disruption – How one e-Discovery company is changing the industry

    60 Days of Disruption – How one e-Discovery company is changing the industry

    Have you ever watched a honey bee?  She’s (yes all of the worker bees are female) perpetually and diligently working from sun up to sun down.  They are focused, determined, and arguably among the hardest workers on the planet.  Well Indexed I/O shares a lot in common with the bee.  We’ve been heads down, laser […]

  • Brand New Century Old Technology

    Brand New Century Old Technology

    As I add more years to my resume I’ve noticed my interest in history is growing deeper. There is something amazing about reflecting on our past and being able to digest it with our current perspectives. Admittedly most of my attention is focused on the technological events, those epiphany moments that literally revolutionized our world […]

  • Indexed I/O Receives First Place Technology Award

    Indexed I/O Receives First Place Technology Award

    Indexed I/O Receives First Place Technology Award On June 18th, 2015 the Boulder Denver Software Club announced that Indexed I/O had received the First Place award in their ‘Next-Up’ technology platform, Peoples Choice category.  “We are honored to be recognized as an emerging technology company” said Brian McHughs, CEO of Indexed I/O.The Boulder Denver Software Club’s “Next […]

  • Indexed I/O Bikes to Work

    Indexed I/O Bikes to Work

      Indexed I/O participated the ‘Bike to work’ day festivities.  It was a great Colorado day for all bikers who met up just south of downtown Denver to complete the final stretch as a team. Picture includes Brian McHughs, Eric Fowler, and Dana White.   Ask us how you can get one of our awesome […]

  • eDiscovery In The Cloud

    eDiscovery In The Cloud

    Indexed I/O has figured out how to do eDiscovery in the cloud better! Electronic Discovery in the Cloud is not a new concept.  In fact if you have ever utilized any ‘remote’ data services one could argue you were ‘in the cloud.’  Cloud computing simply means your are utilizing a network/internet connection to access computer […]



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