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60 Days of Disruption – How one e-Discovery company is changing the industry


Have you ever watched a honey bee?  She’s (yes all of the worker bees are female) perpetually and diligently working from sun up to sun down.  They are focused, determined, and arguably among the hardest workers on the planet.  Well Indexed I/O shares a lot in common with the bee.  We’ve been heads down, laser focused, developing features, incorporating e-Discovery functionality, and integrating advanced technologies.  The list below is just a highlight of what we’ve been up to these last 60 days.

What have we added?

  • Pre-Processing Data Reports

  • Post-Processing Data Reports

  • Audio Player (listen to audio files in our review interface)

  • Video Player (watch video files in our review interface)

  • Audio File Transcription (convert audio to searchable text)

  • Custom Report Builder

  • Document Translation Module (translate foreign language documents into searchable English text)

  • Advanced Search

  • Email Threading

  • Easy Coding Form Builder

  • The addition of Custodian and Collection level File De-duplication

  • Processing Optimizations (process data even faster than before)

  • Document Redaction Tools

  • Export Placeholder Customizations

  • Even more export and metadata features

  • IMAP Email Collector

Click the link to see all of Indexed I/O’s e-Discovery features.

Indexed I/O is the only complete ‘self serve’, cloud-based, electronic discovery solution on the market.  From start to finish, you instantly have access to 100% of the solution.  Sign up, process, review, report, export, you get it all with the click of the mouse, at a very low price.

This list of features is just the latest addition of functionality Indexed I/O has integrated in the past two months alone and it doesn’t look like they will be slowing down any time soon.

“We listen to our users.  We take their feedback, organize and develop a roadmap, and then execute” says Brian McHughs, CEO of Indexed I/O.

Indexed I/O has not only out paced all other e-Discovery companies in their development and feature release schedule, they’ve brought traditionally expensive technologies like audio to searchable text conversion, ‘More Like This’ document clustering, even data collection tools to their platform…all without raising their very disruptive pricing model.

“You get instant access to very powerful data processing and analytics with Indexed I/O.  These technologies should be made available to all end users.  We have to ask ourselves, why should only the big guys with the big budgets get the benefits from advanced data technologies… this is how Indexed I/O is changing the industry, by bringing these technologies to everyone, for every matter” McHughs adds.

Indexed I/O’s CTO, Eric Fowler comments, “Change doesn’t just happen, it has to be a part of everything you do, every decision motivated and pointed in the same direction, to make the e-Discovery process better.”  Indexed I/O has most certainly walked the talk as they have continued to release features and functionality every 3 to 4 weeks since hitting the market in 2013.

Indexed I/O is the only e-Discovery solution that lets you create an account and in minutes have data uploaded and processing.  You get all of the processing features standard with your account including free exports and unlimited users.

Do you need Indexed I/O?

With an easy and intuitive interface, legal teams can quickly learn and utilize Indexed I/O in a matter of minutes. With no software or hardware to purchase, a ‘pay for what you need’ model, and no-long term restrictive contracts, Indexed I/O is by far the fastest, easiest to use, and cost effective e-Discovery solution on the planet.

 Indexed I/O makes electronic discovery easy.

Austin Smith-Bartlett