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E-Discovery Email Collector


Indexed I/O continues to roll out industry changing solutions with new e-Discovery Email Collector. Letting users connect to any email service and instantly gain insight into their data.

Have email data that needs to be collected, processed, and/or reviewed? With a few clicks users can connect to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, AOL, iCloud, and more, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

With a few clicks…connect, process, and/or review!


(Includes email from any email service that supports IMAP.)

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With an easy and intuitive interface, legal teams can quickly learn and utilize Indexed I/O in a matter of minutes. With no software or hardware to purchase, a ‘pay for what you need’ model, and no-long term restrictive contracts, Indexed I/O is by far the fastest, easiest to use, and cost effective e-Discovery solution on the planet.

 Indexed I/O makes electronic discovery easy.

Austin Smith-Bartlett