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Indexed I/O and Cumulus Data Inc Annouce Strategic Alliance


Indexed I/O today announces a strategic alliance with Cumulus Data Inc, a leader in cloud-based data collection and preservation tools for managing electronic discovery in litigation. The partnership, rooted in a common goal to provide superior tools by leveraging the power of cloud computing, will offer eDiscovery solutions that are accessible from anywhere, at anytime, and data processing in record time through a seamless integration, so you never have to touch the data itself. The bundled offering solves the biggest problems in the eDiscovery industry today: speed, usability, accessibility and cost.

“We are excited about what this partnership ultimately provides to our end users.  Secure and easy remote data collection tools, that seamlessly integrate into our fast, easy to use, cost effective eDiscovery processing, review, and production solution, just adds up to a great package for our end users.” said Indexed I/O CEO, Brian McHughs.

To celebrate this partnership, Indexed I/O will be offering free collections to qualifying clients who perform
their collections on the eCloud platform and process the data in Indexed I/O. Contact to
find out more.


Full Press Release Here.

Austin Smith-Bartlett