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Indexed I/O Automatically Detects Personal Information


Indexed I/O has integrated the automatic detection of personal information, which includes Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Numbers, into its real-time processing solution.  All items that contain identified personal information are automatically tagged with a “Potential Personal Information” as well as the respective “Potential Social Security Number” and/or “Potential Credit Card Number” tags.

“By identifying this information during our real-time processing step, we give our users the ability to quickly identify items that potentially have personal information in them, instantly.  Once identified, our users can handle those items as they see fit, making sure personal information isn’t produced or inadvertently shared in any way.” says Brian McHughs, CEO of Indexed I/O.

With data sizes for electronic discovery projects doubling every other year, it is paramount that those managing eDiscovery projects and associated data collections have the necessary tools to insure personal information is handled appropriately.

The automatic identification of personal information is yet another tool available in the Indexed I/O eDiscovery solution.  Visit to learn more about all available features and how Indexed I/O can assist you with your next eDiscovery project.

Austin Smith-Bartlett