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Your FTP to Indexed I/O…what could be easier?


Easy is king when it comes to eDiscovery.


Indexed I/O makes it even easier to get your data up and ready for your next case by letting you import straight from your FTP server.

Indexed I/O users now can input their FTP credentials, browse their data, and select what they want to import, process, and review.  It really is that easy.  If you are familiar with FTP, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


In addition to the already easy ‘Drag-n-Drop/File Browser’ and secure  “IIO Drive” (SFTP account that is automatically created when you make your project), we’ve added the ability for our users to simply connect to their own FTP data source.  This means Indexed I/O users don’t have to download their data just to then upload it.   With Indexed I/O’s direct FTP connection, migrate the data straight from the external FTP location straight into our eDiscovery solution!

“We are always excited to incorporate features and functionality that help our users do what they need to do faster, more efficient, and cost effectively.” says Eric Fowler, CTO of Indexed I/O

Just another reason to make the switch to Indexed I/O.  If you need fast, easy to use, and very cost effective eDiscovery solutions, there’s no more obvious choice.

Indexed I/O, finally a real solution to eDiscovery is here.

Austin Smith-Bartlett