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Process Password Protected Files


Indexed I/O now has the ability to process password protected electronic data. 

Having access to all your data is paramount in any eDiscovery case.  Indexed I/O allows our users to gain even more access and insight into their case data with our new file password features.

Password management is very easy in Indexed I/O.  With an intuitive interface under the restricted administration section, users can quickly enter passwords to be applied on their electronic data collections.

When an encrypted or password protected file is identified Indexed I/O will attempt to access the file with the user generated list of passwords.  All password protected items are systematically tagged with “Password Protected”.  If Indexed I/O is able to access and process the file with the user generated password list, the item will additionally receive the “Password Access Successful”.  If Indexed I/O is unable to access nor process the protected file, it will be tagged as “Password Access Failed”.  The system tags allows users to quickly organize their password protected data and handle each sub tag group accordingly.

With Indexed I/O’s quick reporting capabilities, users can easily generate a list of items that were identified as ‘Password Protected” and handle those items as needed.

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Austin Smith-Bartlett