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Indexed I/O Supports iPhone eDiscovery Processing, Review, and Production

The iPhone “SMS”, “MMS”, and “NOTES” data, as well as all electronic stored files (pictures, documents, video, etc…) is now processed natively by Indexed I/O.  Indexed I/O makes each item completely searchable, reviewable, and producible without the need for any special handling or additional costs.

Traditional phone data processing products on the market create a very difficult to use ‘spreadsheet’, or worse a standalone database and special application interface, for just the phone data.  This method is very cumbersome for the legal team to single out any specific item (like text message, note, picture, video, etc…) for their case or project.

Indexed I/O treats the iPhone data very similar to a regular email archive file (like an Outlook PST file) and creates a separate item for each phone entry.  This makes reviewing, organizing, and producing the iPhone data super easy and intuitive as is it lines up with the exact same process and methods utilized for the rest of the case data.

You will never need to pay extra for special ‘iPhone services’ again!

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Austin Smith-Bartlett