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The eDiscovery Industry is Ignoring Small to Medium Sized Firms: How Indexed I/O is Coming to their Rescue


Small-to-mid sized firms make up over 95% of the total firms in the industry.

Why are these guys underserved, you may ask? “Big firm” eDiscovery solutions do not see a substantial or consistent revenue with small-to-mid sized firms, leading to a minimal focus on their values and needs. Essentially, they are left to ‘fend for themselves’.


Indexed I/O is a perfect fit for firms that are small and medium in size. Here is why:

  1. No required hardware or software to purchase.

  2. Zero licensing fees. You only pay for what you use

  3. FAST. With tight turnaround times, ‘Speed to start’ is important

  4. Free Trial. Ability to upload actual data and test out the product at NO charge

  5. No training necessary. No IT department? Not IT savvy? No problem! Indexed I/O provides a solution allowing for its clients to focus on their data, not learning a new technology.

  6. Partnership. Smaller firms have more limited resources and cannot bring eDiscovery in-house—Indexed I/O will partner with you when you need it.

Indexed I/O is in the business of helping people make their lives easier. Translation: It is a cloud-based eDiscovery platform that provides data processing, storage, review, and production services in an on-demand environment. Designed as a true do-it-yourself tool, it provides everything needed for users to set up an account and begin using it in minutes, with no sales staff interaction and no need for a project manager. While Indexed I/O does not discriminate, it does see the need to help an underserved segment of the legal community: small-to-mid sized law firms.


Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Indexed I/O is the future of eDiscovery.

Want to learn more about how Indexed I/O can help you and your firm? Their experts can walk you through a demo and even give you a free trial! To learn more, contact Indexed I/O at 1.888.840.0709 or visit their website.

Austin Smith-Bartlett