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Why Indexed I/O Is Better Than Other eDiscovery Platforms

Indexed I/O makes you work better, not harder. As a pioneer in on-demand eDiscovery, the company is singularly focused on bringing users advanced technologies to improve the way eDiscovery is managed. Indexed I/O covers the full eDiscovery waterfront, all while delivering way more in value and capabilities over other platforms. Here is how:


Intuitive Interface & Easy to Use
Indexed I/O is a true DIY, intuitive platform. Users can get up and running in minutes, without ever talking to a sales rep or ever utilizing a project manager. Check out this example HERE.

Indexed I/O’s “auto-scale” technology cuts traditional processing times from days to minutes while ensuring quick, accurate results every time. Unlike traditional e-Discovery solutions that require a license for each local machine in use, Indexed I/O provides access to a near unlimited number of high memory, multi-core machines with resources that can be pooled to handle user data as efficiently as possible. The larger your data set, the larger the pool of machines processing your data in the cloud.

With unmatched search speeds, you always have instant access to the critical items you need for your case.


Cost Effective
It’s easier for users to budget due to a pay-as-you-go pricing model. There are no long-term restricting contracts, no licensing fees, and no minimums. More Here! 

Daily Hosting Model
Indexed I/O is the only eDiscovery solution that offers a Daily Hosting Model. This allows for more predictable billing, easier project management, and eliminates ‘minimum’ hosting charges. More Here!

API Integration
Developers can quickly integrate powerful processing, analytic, search, export, and production technologies into their own or third-party technology solutions. Checkout the Indexed I/O Integration Page to learn what endpoints are interactable HERE.

Free Training and Exceptional Customer Service
Training is always free, and all customers receive full support with their Indexed I/O account. This includes technical support, 24×7 access to Indexed I/O documentation, white papers, and knowledge base. More Here!


One-Click Document Translation
Translate over 100 foreign languages to English with just one-click of a button.

Built-in Data Enrichment Services
Indexed I/O has integrated with a secure and confidential third-party technology that provides enriched data on specific email address values. Analysis of an email address can be submitted to return aggregate data for that specific address.

Free iPad Review App
With the free Indexed I/O mobile app, users can review, code, redact, and organize their eDiscovery documents right at their fingertips. More here!

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Indexed I/O is the future of eDiscovery.

Want to learn more about how Indexed I/O can help you and your firm? Their experts can walk you through a demo and even give you a free trial! To learn more, contact Indexed I/O at 1.888.840.0709.

Jessica Megna