Indexed I/O
The fastest, easiest, and most cost effective eDiscovery solution on the market, period.

Indexed I/O

Indexed I/O and the Colorado Bar Association have partnered to bring you the industry’s best eDiscovery solution!

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Do you have electronic data?

With an easy and intuitive interface, you can quickly learn and utilize Indexed I/O in a matter of minutes. From one file to millions of files, we fit every case size with ease.

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The fastest, easiest, and most affordable eDiscovery solution on the market, period.

What Are People Saying?

...Using Indexed I/O, all by myself, I managed to accomplish more in 2 days at the start of my project than they [opposing counsel] did in a week using multiple attorneys, staff, and a full-time database manager.
— Aaron C., Lit Support


Obtaining a scalable, cost effective eDiscovery solution has never been easier with Indexed I/O. We offer a ‘pay as you go’ pricing model, with no long-term restrictive contracts, and there’s no software or hardware to purchase.




From a single file to petabytes of data, Indexed I/O has your eDiscovery processing needs covered. Simply upload your data, click a few settings, and instantly have access to the industry’s most powerful eDiscovery processing solution.



No one can beat Indexed I/O’s search speed. In most cases, it takes milliseconds to deliver search results on multi-TB datasets (many millions of items). This translates to near-instant access to important and critical information at speeds you have to see to believe.



Interactive charts, graphs, and reporting allows you to quickly analyze and filter your data. Visually digest your data by file extensions, data type, processing metrics (exceptions, duplicates, system files) and even document timeline and social communication graphs.



The Indexed I/O review interface is streamlined to provide an easy to use, secure, and effective document review solution. Our simple and straightforward design allows you to focus on your review, not learning a new technology. Indexed I/O always provides unlimited users, at no additional cost. Includes instant foreign language translation features.



Indexed I/O can produce and export data in a variety of ways. We have preset formats that let you export your data into your favorite in-house eDiscovery software or utilize our export customization features to format it exactly as needed. Easily export your data with just a few clicks into Native, PDF, or Image formats.


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